Saturday, November 26, 2011



Tamarama beach, NSW.

Tamarama sits South of Bondi Beach. It is a small cove enclosed by rocks which has a permanent rip. It will take you out to sea over the reef and beyond the breakers in 20 seconds.

It is generally regarded as the most dangerous beach in NSW and also one of the most beautiful. It is famously unpredictable, and can change from being toddler friendly to a no-go for even the most accomplished swimmer in 10 minutes.

Perhaps that's what makes it so attractive to me, and why I chose it as the beach I will be volunteering on as a Life Saver this summer.

On this day, we had swum out past the breakers as part of our training, and whilst we were out there a sea fog rolled in. We couldn't see 20 metres ahead of us. We waited it out and swam back in. The first photo is of the cove before the fog, the second of the emergency evacuation bell, and the third of the fog retreating after our swim with a lone surfer who waited out the fog now enjoying the spoils of his decision, to wait it out.

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